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Sleep is something that has never come easily to me. I'm not so much an insomniac as an extreme night owl.  The bbc has been recently doing some stuff on sleep and body clocks in general, and, being curious, I checked it out. (The link is at the bottom). There is a quiz to take to see what kind of body clock you have and I rather like quizzes so naturally I took it. I was surprised to find that I actually do not fit into the categories hat they give. (obviously this is not scientific but you get the idea)

When left to my own devices I will get up at close to 3pm, and find that I am at my best between midnight at 3 am. If I go for long periods of time where I don't need to be up for anything, e.g. summer holidays or study leave, my body clock will flip of its own accord. It is not uncommon for me to see dawn and not feel tired. Now the issue is that the vast majority of society is set up for people who wake up at the beginning of the day and sleep at the end of the day.
Getting up at 8.30, even 10 in the morning is very painful and I will usually wander around feeling completely dazed for about an hour after waking up at this time. Setting alarms only works if there are about 5 in different places around the room. But even then if I turn it off, I go back to sleep without realising so I can wake up on my bedroom floor 3 hours later wondering how I got here. 
If I get up after midday then I can generally just bounce out of bed, in fact the later the better. But getting up late is a problem in itself. I am awake for around 14-20 hours a day, depending on what I am doing and if I have the opportunity to get sleep. But if I wake up at 3pm, I don't want to sleep until 5 or 6am. 

But I want to see friends, do things in daylight and actually go and do something during the day with out feeling totally knackered. The simple solution is go to bed earlier and get more sleep. But how? I have tried everything. Getting off all screens, read a book, draw, do a puzzle, exercise, drink chamomile tea before bed, have hot coco before bed, eat an apple before bed, etc etc etc. I haven't tried sleeping pills- yet. It all yields the same result. I really don't know what to do. I hope that this is a phase due to being a teenager and that I'll grow out of it, but it only seems to be getting worse.

I have found one way of making me sleep at a normal time, but it isn't a good idea. When I am at a cadet camp I am absolutely run into the ground, both physically and mentally and I don't actually sleep for the duration of the weekend. It turns out that the only way to make me sleep is sleep deprivation, for about 48 hours, but even then it only works for a single night. 

I have spoken to doctors, and they can't really do much and don't want to put me on drugs as they can mess up my (non existent) body clock and they would not give as good a night sleep as I do anyway. It is hard surviving on 3 hours sleep a day when school is in full swing, but I just have to deal with it. It is now 4.20 in the morning and the sun is lighting up the sky to a bright blue.

Do you have any tips for me? Honestly I will try just about anything!
Body Clock

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